At the Journey's End

又回到这个温暖优美的家。不是我的家不过好像在这短短的 4 天里有那么多美好的时光。不是纯纯快乐的,而是有时带伤感的。

I think I have become in a sense more emotional, more attuned to my own sorrows and even seeing it's beauty. Still like being alone to think and reflect, but I have come to express some of these reflections, because I have learnt that first ministry cannot be done alone and second that there are people who care passionately about the same things too.

Hmm the pride is still there but the monster has taken on a different form. I used to not want to share both because of self-protection and the emotional pride: No one cares! Now that I am... So accomplished in the eyes of many, the pride distorts how I view myself. With such great blessing of various strengths comes that thorn in the flesh- and I was reminded again of His all sufficient grace. Power made perfect in weakness, and so let me boast about my weaknesses.

Looking and hearing at the new Exco share about their reflections on ministry based on the past few days' of handover, I smile on hearing them share about how great the task is, how vast this ministry is and most poignantly how their perspective are changed.


But in a sense, the journey has not ended. These friends, precious people who are so vastly different and piss me off sometimes, God has made me come to love them. My perspective about ministry and engaging the world has been transformed and will continue to shape my life. And now as I slowly, and not as excitedly turn my mind to work and the church, my journey has in fact just started.

Forgetting the past (vain)glories and fixing my heart and mind on what lies ahead. Till we have faces. (Love this phrase. Reminder to self to read the book soon).