And so. After exactly 24h from when I woke up yesterday, the work is done. Father, You have been so gracious to grant me the desires of my heart. When I have not always delighted myself in You. But still, You have given me such clarity of purpose, such strength, drive, such anointing of the Holy Spirit this semester. I guess that's why, in light of all these, 我要为自己别无所求. 不是不在乎,而是只要从神父手中领取.

I am thankful:

"Thesis is an individual research journey but I am triply blessed in this journey. My first supervisor, Dr Marcus Chiu, taught me to think more critically and pushed me to look beyond the superficial questions. What I'd thought was a straightforward research question became a conceptually fundamental one about human perception and behaviour. My second supervisor, Dr Choo Hyekeung, was ever so patient with my unprecise fluff and I owe much of my quantitative thinking and SPSS skills to her. I am also indebted to Mr Mohamed Naser, who made the research so much smoother and easier than I had expected.

An ode to my dear family: My family has little quantifiable part in this thesis, but very often the most important constructs like love, patience and forbearing, defy quantification. And thus so little need to be said, but let a good meal be on me perhaps. My other family: Exco, CG Woo, Thursdies especially the year 4s, Plumb, dear seniors- Mag, David, Priscilla, Hillary and Hong Hui, I think the same applies.

My Social Work community: Jasmine, Julia, Clementine, Avelene, Shi Qi, the prayer community for needed prayers, vulnerable sharing and laughter. Chiuongsters, the pain and satisfaction is shared. The Honours batch, for technical support, writing together; seperti berat sama dipikul, ringgan sama dijinjing. My teachers: SW professors, especially Dr Irene Ng and Dr Alex Lee, and Cikgu Sew! For infectious passion and warm kindness. My university journey has been a grace-filled one under these teachers.

I am so very grateful to the NKF patients, MSWs and nurses who not only made the research possible, but an enjoyable process. I hope this research will be of value to you all.

The best for the last: faithful Abba Father, words fail me. It has been a great adventure with You. "其中最大的是爱";最终这一切没有爱是不足一提的. A broken hallelujah to You."

(Wong, 2017) WHOOP