Tree // Psalm 1:3

Just wanted to remember today though I am super tired having been up for almost 19.5h since 6am.

I am particularly thankful for Thursday Year 4s prayer gathering today- it was my turn to share which I forgot, but I did an impromptu one. Felt like I should share on koinonia (fellowship/community), and how we as a community of love and acceptance show Christ. And how we have not, instead being insular.

And also, for Plumb. I think it is one of the best since my first Plumb with super nurturing Maria? I had this idea for reading a book about faith (apologetics, pastoral, whatever), and share with the Plumb. Super happy when people want to borrow my books to read.

IFG topical was good also, reminded of how I take myself too seriously- in the sense of guarding my 'reputation'. Of which, really, is there really a reputation I should be cultivating? The sharings afterward were precious as well- people so different from us whom we are trying to love wholeheartedly with God's love.

Popped over to Computing to kope their CNY steamboat food. Fortuitous meeting with Kengo (one of the reasons to note this down cos I prolly would have forgotten his name), whom we invited on the spot when we saw him at the Deck.

Okay ciao, I am crashing. Dirty me probably not even gonna brush teeth oops