From Creation to New Creation

"the day of small things" Zech 4:10
As I stalk myself (reading past posts and flipping through my journal) and reflecting on the Word during QT I realised that something that keeps coming up throughout this semester so far is-

Small things in the lives of individuals are weaved together into a beautiful narrative that is also in the Bible, of creation to new creation.

How is God telling me to respond? As I do more fun stuff in the next few weeks- exam blessings, thesis (yeaa I guess its fun) and project work, I haven't really had the time to sit down and reflect/pray/think.

Have to really think about my future professional trajectory now- literally forced to. SunRay Scheme and PhD in Hong Kong (?!). Both of which I initially viewed with trepidation and don't really want to think about. But these are really great opportunities and I should appreciate them as such. So thank God.

If anything, I can trust in His providence, shown so tangibly this week thus far.

But how ah. I really am not sure about myself, what I really want, what I am able to tahan.