The goodbyes were in order. 

First WY and Hilda, then church, followed by ICM (oh gosh I really miss those life-ly bunch), then KH and NY (missing them already). 

Was kinda sad-confused when I woke up in the cold just now after coming back from Tap Mun. This feeling called 失落 in Mandarin. Guess I was expecting to meet the peeps from ICM for one last time, then Evelyn or the guys. Was still processing what was said last night too. Dragged my feet to Streams of Praise conference alone while trying not to feel lonely. 

Okay so this is the back story.

Today's message is a very simple one which everyone needs to hear but probably finds it trite. Father loves you. Our Father God loves us. Such a wave of goodness and love washed over me just now, even as I knew that my heart was wavering. His love is so so great, I can't even :')

The conference was in Chinese/Cantonese and somehow these verses in Chinese spoke so deeply to me. 

"神 啊 , 你 的 意 念 向 我 何 等 宝 贵 ! 其 数 何 等 众 多 !我 若 数 点 , 比 海 沙 更 多 ; 我 睡 醒 的 时 候 , 仍 和 你 同 在 。" 诗篇139:17-18

"耶 和 华 ─ 你 的 神 是 施 行 拯 救 、 大 有 能 力 的 主 。 他 在 你 中 间 必 因 你 欢 欣 喜 乐 , 默 然 爱 你 , 且 因 你 喜 乐 而 欢 呼 。" 西番雅书3:17

Think I really needed this in this time of the year filled with transitions- back to Singapore with all its commitments and the end of my adventures in Hong Kong, navigating relationships back at home and those made here with my return/distance apart, coming to terms that some relationships are meant just for that season also.

Goodbye, goodbye, it is well. Through it all, it is well.