The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

This is possibly the first book that really made me go 'wow'. Like there is just that silence after I read the last word of this simply worded 'fable', according to the author.

I stumbled upon this book at one of the second hand bookshops in Bras Basah Complex, which explains the cheap price tag.

It speaks of children that possess that childlike innocence and goodness, at the same time as it speaks of the quiet confused sadness of a child. So many times I've wished I were more childlike, in faith, in thoughts and in actions. (Note how it distinguishes from being childish, which I hate to be)

And I've never read a blurb like that one behind this book. If I haven't had some idea of what this story is from what I read about the movie based on the book, I guess I would still be drawn by it.

I would never have guessed the ending too.

Devoured it in one go; this book really punches above its weight. (Gah I make a bad book reviewer)