Eh. I got a job.


I've been wanting to post about this for quite some time, but the job just leaves me so lazy and tired.
Its at a bakery!! Yep. They are quite famous for their Chinese New Year goodies like their pineapple tarts.

Its sorta up and down. Just this Friday I destroyed a cake while packing it, then the manager didn't scold me even though she knew. ( I didn't dare to tell her after all the scolding I got already, so I told the one that decorated the cake) I was so guilty I broke down after I left...

But then again, I really love the wondrous smell of the cakes and buttercream, especially the baking kueh lapis. Its really... heavenly. Might try to bake it sometime, except that its really hard, with all the layers and all.

Also, all the people there are really nice to me even though we don't talk, even the manager. Mebbe she's just really stressed because of all the customers expected during the New Year.

Anyway, I guess I won't be posting so regularly because I don't have time to bake anymore (unless I quit this job, but I can't because I'm indebted to them). So, yeah. I sort of lost the feeling that I could be a good blogger, but still, I'm hanging on. Who knows, I might get back some inspiration. Or time. Whichever. :)

Love to the world!


Cookie Sleuth said…
Good luck with the new job!
kang said…
hehe, actually... I just quitted 2 days ago. missed baking and life.. :)