More about me... that is, if you are interested.

I know this blog is in its infancy and no one on earth knows about it yet, but anyway, here's some stuff about me.I have no idea how to add another page element or whatever you call that so readers can navigate to separate "About me" page. So this explains. And I have no idea how to enable comments at the end of each post. HELP.

As you know, I've fallen in love with baking. I gravitate towards baked goods, bakeware, baking websites, I 'stalk' PW, Bakerella and Joy the Baker (mostly because they post regularly and don't disappoint).

I am a 16 year old currently waiting for my 'O' levels to be over so I can bake, and share it here. And I say it again, baking has the ability to keep me sane in this academic race in Singapore, and the terrifying thought that we are making our futures RIGHT NOW, since results matter big time in Singapore. If I don't do well, its the END of baking for me. No, I don't wanna think of that.

If you have read until here, here's a flower for you!


Till the next time! Hope I would have figured out how to add a comment box after every post by then.