blogskin settled. at last!

Blogskin up. AT LAST. (thought i will be stuck with the default template)
i know i know. its been ages since i blogged. and i am a computer noob. here's my first post which i GURANTEE no one will read so im blogging to myself. yeh, this blog is like a scrapbook and chronicles of me and my baking. i know i will never be funny like Pioneer Woman , nor attract people(like me)to follow their websites like Joy the Baker. or bakerella! she has this ability to get make me and thousands others hooked onto her website.

anyway, actually i hestitated for weeks before i finally created this blog. i dunno, mebbe its because i once had a blog, two, in fact, but i simply ran out of things to say, and the novelty wore off. and also i get pissed when i am bakeblog- surfing, and i click on a link that has expired when the name of the site made me so expectant. like, what the heck. but who knows, i may join them and piss people off too. DISCLAIMER: this is not a baking blog, much as i say i LOVE baking. its just chronicles of a 16 year old me trying to make sense of my life. if anyone is reading this now, THANK YOU! thank you for reading thus far. i know i can be exasperatingly dry at times. or most of the time. xoxox