When the Weather Was Good Enough

 (Haha post title inspired by my current favorite Kdrama- Guardian) 

Its not 'because the weather was good enough' as I know what I am going to write is what I know to be true for me regardless of the weather. Its just that when the weather is bad (read: the sun's rays are obscured), I feel like things are more grey and the brightness in my heart grows dimmer.

Perhaps this is really the limits- or rather more positively, stretching of my faith to hope, trust, love and rejoice in all circumstances. 

Writing down some reflections/reminders recently, with much thanksgiving-

God is giving me good gifts right now; all the time in all different seasons. Was comparing and thinking about 'what could be' recently which got me pretty emotional, and a timely article on God's providence from C. really spoke to me. There are so many good gifts that I could list out when b0bear asked me what these were when I shared my reflections- well worth remembering on overcast days.

Because there are the four seasons, the flowers can bloom radiantly and we can revel in the different things that mark the four seasons: mulled wine at Christmas (which I'm eagerly waiting to try), springtime flowers, autumn leaves, beaches in the summertime. These are things I've never experienced in SG, and when a friend and I were admiring these flowers today, her comment about how this is the great thing about having the seasons made me reflect on how it is so for seasons in life too. 

I guess I've always thought about my life in terms of seasons- it was easier in university days where each season aligns nicely with the academic years. Now there is the additional discernment needed to continue purposefully seeking God through and transiting the seasons I guess. Because of winter, we appreciate warmth more- a time to warm bodies and hearts to get through the cold days. Springtime is welcomed with thankfulness and joy, and it feels brighter knowing that we had just experienced winter. Summer feels like a time of activity and growth- I guess metaphorically because people feel like its too hot for most physical activities. But the plants grow most in summertime. Autumn then feels like a time of winding down and rest, to pause and reflect. A quieter joy. What season of life am I in? What season of life are you in? Of course there are more ways to describe your season in life other than using the four seasons as a metaphor.

I feel like I am in a season of growth and discovery- sometimes painful and frustrating, even grievous. But also happy, exciting and fulfilling. Thank You, Lord of love, Lord of nations.