The Brother with No Heart

There was once a family with two children. They were born just two years apart and their parents were so happy to have a complete family with both a boy and a girl.The parents loved the children very much and did not hesitate to give them what they needed. So although the siblings fought, and the little girl even once scratched him so hard it bled, they knew that they were a happy family. 

One day however, the older brother discovered that he had no heart. He found out when he could not cry after he was bullied. He knew that it should hurt, but he was like an empty can. When the parents saw the red marks on his arms, they felt so upset that they wanted to shred the bully to pieces. But Mother kept quiet, because she knew that he had no heart. And he did not have a heart because when the children were very young, Mother had took his heart out. This was so that he will not feel any pain because Father was very very sick at that time, and he loved his father very much. The girl too loved her father, but she was too young to understand and so her heart did not feel any pain.

So Mother kept quiet about the reason that he did not have a heart. The older brother also kept quiet, but there was always a hollow sound inside when he heard the girl laugh cheerily or share her friendship problems with their parents. The sound was so loud inside that he just wanted the house to be quiet, so he shouted at them "Can't you all keep quiet when we are eating?!"

Because the parents loved the older brother very much and felt very sorry for taking out his heart, they kept quiet. And because the girl knew this secret, she also learnt to keep quiet although her heart was happy or when her heart wanted to cry.

When the girl became a lady, she became friends with a gentleman that she liked very much. However, she found that she could not give him her heart when she tried to, as there was too much wrapping around the heart to keep it quiet. "What should I do?" she moaned. The wrapping was too thick and it was also going to hurt the heart so much to cut through it.

The gentleman was also at a loss because he liked the lady very much too, but he could not understand why she had so much wrapping and could not show when she was happy or sad with him. They both felt terrible because they wanted to be together. 

Some time passed and the thick wrapping was still there. Through all this time, the lady's parents were watching. One day, when her older brother heard the hollow sound and again shouted at the family to keep quiet, Mother finally said "We are a family. We should learn to hear the different sounds from each other." When the lady heard her mother say this, a loud moan burst from her heart, tearing through the wrapping. It was very painful, but it felt like the girl had got back her precious heart as well. 

What of the older brother without a heart then? The lady now knew that she had to help her older brother grow back his heart. And she now knew that she first needed to touch and feel and hear the different sounds from her own heart first, so that she knew what a heart was like. 

The story leaves off here, because some stories take time to unfold and this is one of those.