Nokia Phone Days

I really love Saturdays where I drift in and out of slumber in the morning knowing that there is nothing that I need to wake up for except to have a hearty breakfast with my parents. Just being a child and hugging my crocodile soft toy (his name is Peebo btw), thinking fluffy thoughts.

Found this in my old recipe notebook today when I was trying to find a recipe to use up the custard powder lying around. Those days when I only had a BW Nokia phone and so much time to read-

A bit blown to see how nearly 10 years from then, most of what I wanted to do 'when I, Kang Li grows up' have been checked off. It is like God heard the prayers that even I had forgotten, and stored them in His heart.

Chocolate Pound Cake and writing a book- these two are more stuff of dreams- but let's see where the adventure with God takes.