God is so smart

I catch myself exclaiming this inwardly when I get the feeling that my prayers have been answered - which is a good thing right? - but there's a sense of being 'tricked' into something uncomfortable.

Surely this is one of the reasons why God says 'No' or 'Wait' to our prayers. We do not know what it means for ourselves when we pray for certain things, or perhaps we ask without being fully ready for the 'Yes'.

Anyway, just before I slept YW asked how come I got the feeling that it wouldn't be good for me to go for this Bible camp which I really took alot away from last year. Just vague thoughts about my participation not being very helpful for the other campers and not very aligned to the season I'm in so I didn't reply. This morning came the invitation to head the Discipleship Committee for church youth camp. Such is human nature: My first reaction was something like 'Wow! Good job, God! You answered my prayers in this way and now I will have to accept it.'

Laughs at myself and the mystery of God's work. Omgerd okay I'm running late for work.

 Just thought it was quite cool how these few days I've been reflecting on how love cannot be inconvenient since it is other-centred. A kind of courage needed to choose uncomfortable things.


Kang said…
And now I reading the parting thoughts of this post and it comes as a kind of convicting reminder. Frustrating and stress-inducing day today was, yet much patience and grace shown. So much to learn in how to love best, God.