This moment I am getting the feels listening to Vivian Chan's song, sitting in a mess of a room. The room is snug especially with Bex's quiet and strong presence near me.

My hair is wet and I catch whiffs of my shampoo as I type- every time I finish bathing I thank God because the feeling of having hot water after coming in from the cold is just awesome. The mattress that I am sitting on is so cosy and makes coming in to sleep each night pleasant.

Especially after a night of talking with these dear brothers and sisters here- these lovely beautiful people with all their quirks and flaws, whom I have been learning so much from.

Today was like sunshine. My morning time with the Bible was more fruitful than the previous days, and during the time of prayer subsequently, I was actually dialoguing with God rather than being distracted by other people praying.

During lesson time I was cooking seasame oil chicken and stir-frying xiao bai cai for lunch as a representation of Singaporean food. It was not without hiccups but the dishes actually tasted legit. Really praise God for that, because all three of us have never cooked a full meal, much less for 30+ people. I want to remember Nyamaa saying Yes in an almost shy way when I asked her (through Sorgee) whether she wanted more Roti John as she was standing by the kitchen sink.

My soul was somehow touched during the games time, looking at them having so much fun playing the traditional games I played as a child. The food time was awesome too, seeing their reactions of disgust to durian cake, and their fondness for muruku and chicken curry. I really like how Argee just went to the kitchen to scoop 2 ladles of curry for himself after the day's programme ended.

After that we went to Tumen Ekh to watch an ensemble of Mongolian song and dance. Sitting there, watching all the performances, thankfulness just welled up- I am here, again. Seeing and hearing these things. At the same time, praying that God will work powerfully in this vibrant culture- to truly give them the abundant life.

Dinner was really satisfying- bibimbap WITHOUT MEAT. Haha yes I am a bit scared of meat now because it is always mutton or beef which has that gamey taste which I can't eat too much of. And the vegetables are really measly in Mongolian food. So I was really thankful to have a bowl full of fresh vegetables.

The walk after dinner was incredible too- just talking as we walk along the streets of Ulaanbator, and then stumbling into an art gallery and discussing the art pieces. Those moments are really beautiful to me.

Moments. Fleeting but like Patronuses in my life.