To Laugh

How am I different now from the Kang in Singapore? Fresh from the trip of a lifetime in Mongolia and intentionally being still and think this chilly Sunday, I might have an answer.

That is to laugh. 

To let myself laugh, in spite of everything that has happen, is happening and will happen. 
Was generally a serious kid and then I got into social work which I love. But guess because of this tender heart, the judging area of my frontal lobe worked harder while my jovial side of the brain was intentionally unstimulated.

A model I'd emulate is the leadership in Island Baptist Church. There are pressing ministry needs, trouble, and perplexity. Yet each Sunday in church I was sure to have a few good laughs- they could find always find something to laugh at.

To laugh at myself.
Simple as that.

To laugh unabashedly.
Guess I am hesitant to really laugh because it is an open expression which makes me feel vulnerable sometimes. But I observed that this true laugh from within does draw people in because this is a real side of you. My fellow travellers in Mongolia laughed so much at various things and it was something that built that bridge for deeper conversations. 

I'd just end off with a portrait from the extremely affable Jim who shared his photos so willingly with us all.Think I was laughing just because I was happy.