Pre trip

"Whoa no pre trip??"

A response that I got when I told my fellow HKU exchange kids that I will be arriving, now that I checked the semester dates properly, on the very day school officially starts (praying I don't have Monday classes).

Though I don't really like the term 'pre trip'. Makes me think of the psychedelic experience you get with LSD trips- where a distorted reality is better than the here-and-now. Just because I am in a foreign land doesn't mean that I can care less about justice, suffering, the gospel- which is the reality.

But to be honest, I think I grappled a bit with FOMO-
I must go to Mongolia I resolved, roughing it out myself no less because it will really be pretty cool. Impulsive, naive me was annoyed at the concerns of my parents and friends when I told them about Mongolia. I see pictures on Instagram of beautiful portraits in beautiful places, and compare these places to Hong Kong.

My pre trip thus far consists of meeting friends solely for the sake of meeting, whom I otherwise wouldn't have.
Of developing my perspective on how a Christian should live, as well as throwing up fresh questions on how I should live.
Of having an abundance of time to slow down, take the initiative to talk to people, reflect on my ministry.
Of jogs and appreciating the bright yellow ixoras and verdant green grass patch along the pavement.

In this 'blank space' (not a very good term either) I also realised the decisions I have to make:

  • Can I skip church service to travel on weekends?
  • How much time do I want to commit to Inner City Ministries?
  • How much effort do I want to put into my studies, given that most of my modules have a heavy group project component?
  • Can I go for a pub crawl? (Okay I have decided no and I probably will get bored after the first pub but I still want to see)
  • How should I interact with my room mates? (You know, things like cleaning duties, sharing of food etc that are telling of who you are and what you stand for)

More questions than answers.

I think that makes for a very good pre trip.