Table for One

It started with this: Table for one please. 

Picture taken while waiting for a smaller table- I nearly walked out when I saw how bustling it was and there was no cosy loner corner for me. But by now I am wiser- it really doesn't matter how many social norms I break if I am doing what is right and good for me.

So I sat alone, taking in all the beautiful things in this beautiful social enterprise cafe. Crossings Cafe employs at-risk youth and students with special needs from Assumption Pathway School. 

Lunch Special: Coriander Fish Fillet with Spicy Tomato Sauce// with salad and mashed potato 

Was 90% full nearing the last 2 bites of my fish but decided to order dessert anyway heh. 

Panna Cotta of the Day: Teh tarik panna cotta

You can see how I feel about it.

Part 2: Tolma the Explorer

Supreme Court library which is what I imagine the Hogwarts library will feel like- a lot of ancient incomprehensible books.

At some point I was literally tired of taking photos because that meant raising my arms for some extended period. Just meandering along, taking in sights, not really thinking about anything.

I am lost, an inner voice said. It is fine, it answered itself. And so it was :)