That was what I really wanted to do, many times this past few months of 2015. The last weekend of May I literally slept it away (Yes, that was the week I wrote my previous post which was brimming with passionate adrenaline).

Fast forward to this weekend.


Woke up at 7am to travel to Aljunied for Playmax 4 briefing. Got horribly lost even with Google Maps when walking through many Lorong Geylang Roads.

But I was feeling inquisitive and didn't mind it one bit (except for the fact that I was running quite late). Walking through the roads with the temples, migrant worker hostels and jumbled mix of buildings, I felt like I was on an adventure.

Hightailed back home to make onde onde, buoyed by the wonderful opportunity to fulfill Jesus' commission in such an exciting way.

Life lessons from making onde onde:

1. The recipe looked so easy I cannot resist making it because onde onde is like the trademark of a domestic goddess; alas the too-easily-thrown-together skin was meh- Shortcuts can work beautifully. But listen when people tell you they can cut short your ideal plans. 

2. Idealistic me (this is when I abandon practical considerations like the fact that I haven't tried this recipe before) doubled the recipe- Amidst the excitement of adventure and ideas, give some ear to that pesky voice questioning you. It can hold you back for the worse, but its doubts are valid.

3. I was in a good mood so I could make light of the fact that these onde onde weren't as pretty a eat as they looked here; and well I guess I still brought some joy to my family and friends- Why is it that moods so dictate our reality?

Third program for the day: Shopping mission with le parents. Was pretty tired by then and would have insisted to stop shopping and go home if I weren't in a buoyant mood.

Sunday (today)
Woke up at 5.30am, scrambled to leave house in time because I was fixed on wearing my new red shoes. Half-awake body gunned for that 174 that brings me to church on time. Thanked God that run; felt pretty alive after that. 

Felt like a salesman- asking people to join Playmax. I am actually very shy as I like to tell people when I don't wanna initiate social interaction. But was on a roll today.

Didn't know what the heck was happening in the Sunday School youth programme which WL asked me to help in. Just gung ho say that I don't know what I'm supposed to do and well, it turned out pretty well. Church is where I feel shy quite a lot. Too many people whom I don't know, but who know each other well. 

And realised that I really love connecting people. To other people, to resources, or to where they can use their potential. 

Back to the title: Hibernate. I wanted to post this because I am reminded again how much my mood/emotions dictate what I do. 
I find that seeing them as something happening to me rather than then what is really happening helps. Not feeding those feelings with the over-need to feel helps too. 

But then again, on a cognitive & rational level, I do realise I need rest. Not to hibernate thinking that I am so done with all these but a godly rest.

That's what Sabbath is for :)