When I watched footages of how animals we eat without much thought were slaughtered so we can have delish food on our plates, I felt a sense of horror, but still could push this away when faced with meat on my plate.

I have been an omnivore like the majority of us all my life and I can say I love animals. I mean, I don't eat excessively and can't stand wasting food, but still, I think I need to tackle the issue of where I stand in my eating.

Firstly, perhaps you can say this is shirking back? But it really is hard to stop if one has been eating meat so naturally all her life. Today I was all prepared (so I told myself) not to order anything with meat in the canteen. But at the snack store, deciding what to eat, I ordered char siew pastry just like that. I didn't even know I was eating pork (like you know, thinking I'm eating the meat of a pig that probably squealed before its impending doom) until after the first blissful mouthfuls.

The truth is, it is all too easy to forget/overlook their suffering or pain. The most horrific thing is how I saw they were treated like factory parts. And I, and everyone, are the collective reason for this.

Okay. I don't claim to know alot about how animals are treated in these production plants. All I've watched is Food Inc. and read some articles on Peta. And frankly I think that just me alone, plus the fact that I am not really going all out vegetarian, is not really a BIG difference. But at least something needs to be done.


1. No beef nor lamb nor any type of exotic meats like crocodile. This clause can been kept quite easily; haven't eaten these for months already.

2. Milk, cheese, dairy-based yoghurt: I can do without yoghurt. Cheese, can cut down till I can decide on my groceries and then I will buy vegan ones. Milk.. persuade Mum to buy soya milk as far as possible.

3. Eggs: What are your thoughts on eggs? I'm thinking of hens in cramped cages, doing nothing much but laying eggs now. I am tempted to type No eggs, but I have to be accountable for my words. Hell, I use them so frequently for baking. Sorry.

4. Only eat meat at home, and that with a sense of respect? Like don't waste food.

5. Okay to eat fish, squid, scallops, prawns etc.

That's about all I guess. It's not alot I know. But still involves conscious thought and most likely daily struggle everyday. Deep respect for Louis Ng of ACRES, and also friend Yifeng. They are the ones that, after tasting meat, willingly gave it up for these animals.