1 hour and 45 mins

Before both date and year changes simultaneously.

I'm not going to state my resolutions here; I think I will figure them out next year as time goes.

What shall I write about then? Honestly I do not know. (hey it sorta rhymes!)

These days have been pretty mundane. But I've come to the age where this mundanity brings about a kind of bliss, where you know the memory of these days will be that of bright sunlight and fluffy clouds, a kind of neutral contentedness and thankfulness that God has given yet another nice day.


It has taken me 6 minutes to write this.

You know when I heard Don't Stop Believing for the first time, it really felt like me? Or basically everyone drifting about in life. "Everybody wants a thrill" cos they don't know what they want. Aargh the intellectual, or rather school-trained mind automatically snaps "You are making a sweeping statement!" But I think its true though. That people would deny it could prove that its true.

Okay I should stop this back-and-forth thing I always lapse into. Anyway, now I still like the song but while I still can't quite put a finger to where I fit into the grand scheme of creation, I know I will know someday. This I say will as much certainty as my faith goes. I think I have grown quite abit, as a Christian. Sure, I'm still uncertain of many things but I still believe. Yes, I've seen suffering and still I want to and still believe.

Hope everyone gets closer to finding their meaning in life in 2012! That's the crux to feeling really alive I think.