some of the lil' stuff in my seemingly mundane life

I've got a fringe. It keeps poking into my eyes. So today, since I was in a not-so-fab mood, I took the scissors and went in front of the mirror and started hacking. Literally. Cos the scissors was rusted so I had to hack at my hair. Anyway, now this reminds me of Britney. Women like to cut their hair when they are down. Its a fact, you know?

This is one of the few notable things in my life right now. Do I sound like I'm complaining? Hmm, okay this isn't the ideal life that I want to have but I understand I will grow to appreciate this (bloody) system in the future. It would be nirvana if I get to experiment in the kitchen right now, but I know this is Mum's territory,and that I will appreciate and adore my kitchen when I get my own next time. Like how Mum fanatically cleans the kitchen up after cooking everyday AFTER WORK. Mums have a huge reserve of power I tell you.

Love ya Mum and Dad! Though I'm keeping this tiny little space on the Internet a secret for awhile, I still wanna say Thank you for making me who I am.