Guessed as much? So, I have been planning to make lemon bars for my cousin's 20th birthday. Bake it, put it in a cute box, hear a big "Thanks!" and "These are wonderful, can you give me the recipe?"

waiting to be filled with lemon bars

Nice? I spent one hour doing this. And yes, that's a Subway wrapper.


And then....


this. hahahah, now that I look back at this I think it is quite amusing. But was really upset at this at while ago. Okay, at least the gooey tart lemon filling tastes good.

lemon filling

Want to know why so you will never ever end up with this? I used a pan bigger than the one in the recipe. Darn, I had told myself optimistically(or rather, stupidly) that a few centimetres didn't matter. Well, I know it did deep down, but well. Never mind, the second batch was not too bad.


If you are wondering, I 'dammed' the lemon filling with foil, so it would bake over the shortbread crust and not in the pan. I took this from joyofbaking, so click here for the recipe.

Let's see if I can redeem myself tommorow.